BodySmartLabs Protocol

BodySmartLabs Diet Protocol
During the BodySmartLabs protocol there are
3 phases to help you through your weight loss journey. Our drops Help control Appetite Reduce cravings and help you produce energy. With a superior quality of ingredients of Minerals and Vitamins, Amino Acids, B12, Garcinia Cambogia, Ginseng and more! all in one place. The most Complete Diet Drops on the market today!
       Pre Protocol – Take Colon Cleanse - take for 7 day prior to taking the drops eat as clean as you can.
Drops, Dose  =  1 quarter on the dropper, 10-15 drops
Take first dose when you get up in the morning.
Second dose 15-30 min before lunch and dinner.
 If you choose to do the 800 calorie Diet  you will take the drops 15-30 Minutes before breakfast. 
  Phase 1
(Load up Days)
          2- days)       
   (take drops during this phase)
Anything goes on these two days but remember to eat healthy fats first, Avocados, Salmon, Coconut Oil, (Nuts, If you are Allergic avoid those foods).
Phase 2
Use inserts to help with your food list and keep you on track. Choose 2 proteins, 2 cups of veggies 2 xs a day, 2 fruits and 8 glasses of water daily for 6 days.
On the seventh day you will have a carb day. You can eat controlled healthy carbs this day. Choose from the list on the insert.    
Eat 1 proteins + 2 Carbs from the list for lunch and dinner.
Phase 3
On phase 3 you should stop taking the drops. If you decide to continue throughout the year or do another cycle, you can cycle off for 3 weeks eating clean and back on for 41 days more including the load days.
If you reached your goal then stop taking drops and continue eating the same diet for 20 days. You have a choice to eat 500 cal 800, cal or 1200 cal. Start a workout regimen that suits you.  
       After the 20 days start adding back some healthy fats, Light on dairy and sugars are still off the plate.
If you gain 2 pounds then do an Apple-day or You can do a steak day. During the protocol if you stall at the same weight for 4 days consecutively then do a reset day(apple day or steak day)  Stalls are normal on the protocol.
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